Packs themes, group presets designed to edit photos depending on the brand of the file or the photographic style of the user

Aguacate, Chirimoya, Langsat, Longan, Pitahaya y Salak

Presets developed by Nikon users photographers.
They are soft and natural tones that
can also be used in files of any brand.

Coco, La Breva, Piña, Mango y Pitahaya

Presets developed by Canon users photographers.
They are colorful and natural tones that
can also be used in files of any brand,
specifically Nikon, as they have been
tested by our team of photographers.

Aguacate, Chirimoya, Coco, La Breva, Mango y Piña

These presets are the continuation of the previous packs, they have been developed by recognized photographers in common so that they can work in all the types of files of different brands.


The photographer packs are personal presets, each of our collaborators gives you the opportunity to edit with the shades they apply to their photos.

Fresh Fruit Film

The best presets for Photographers